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Pay Here


You can pay by credit card via pay-pal using the donate button below! Rose & Cole's Transport is a co-op initiative of Roots & Dreams and Mustard Seeds Inc. a not for profit co-op incubator in Pittsfield, Ma. Rest assured your payment is directly deposited into Rose & Cole's Seed Transport Account.  If you added a tip, let your driver know and they'll definitely make sure we pass that forward too! 



This PAY HERE page is especially helpful for EBT customers who are traveling at the reduced price of $5 + $1.30 per mile (out of town) as well as those who need the in town discounted rate as paypal fees us less than square per payment. 

If you prefer, though, our Drivers also accept credit cards via their smartphones using square allowing you to pay once you reach your destination!


 RIDE SERVICE: ($12) In town, 2 miles or higher ($10) Less than 2 miles ($5+$1.90/mi) Out of town. EBT Customers: ($10) In town, 2 miles or higher ($8) Less than 2 miles.  ($5 + 1.30 per mile) Out of town

(Thursday Discount - $2.00 off all delivery services)

DELIVERY:  ($16) Up to 12 grocery items, prescriptions included but must contact your pharmacy to let them know your driver's name. 

RESTAURANT DELIVERY: ($12) Includes any restaurant with in our town's lines or just a few miles outside.  

LAUNDRY PICK UP and DROP OFF: ($14) must make previous arrangements with laundry facility to handle your laundry once dropped off.   


We are working on finding creative ways to insure low income folks can access transportation. You can donate toward our subsidy program that supports rides for low income residents. Visit Roots & Dreams and Mustard Seeds Inc. a Berkshire not for profit co-op incubator to make your tax deductible donation . 

You can also click the donate button below!